Friday, July 16, 2010

Innovative shop

Last week my oldest daughter's birthday was coming up, 45 years young, mhhh that makes one feel not so young. I find it very difficult to buy something that I hope she will like. Looked at cashmere scarves, didn't move me, books, nothing new that she doesn't have, drifted into the jewellery counters at David Jones when inspiration hit me. Why support the large stores when you are looking for something unique, it wont be found there. Now I have for a long time loved a unique little shop, part gallery and they always support artists, that's my sort of shop. And what a unique name 'Behind the Monkey'. After perusing all the beautiful artist made jewellery I decided on some really unusual earrings, picasso-esq by Jewellery artist Karen Thompson. If you go to and scroll down to the July 4 entry on their blog.
This lovely lady and her daughter are so creative, above is my gift wrapped with imaginative wings made from a magazine page, and on the left is a little envelope made from another magazine page to hold my credit card and receipt, rolled up is the artist's bio and tied with string, the little details mean so much.
The windows are constantly changed and worth a visit in themselves, if you are in Perth, make a point of visiting this wonderful shop, you won't regret. A couple of doors down is Elmo's who have the most amazing continental meats, try a hot kransky sausage, saurkrout and mustard dressing on a breadroll, yum.
We have some very talented artist's in Perth and Behind the monkey is the place to see some of them
Have a great weekend

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lilylovekin said...

I love the name of this shop, and love supporting little galleries and shops. I think your daughter will like the earrings also. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind comments re: Lily I really appreciated it. Lorrie