Thursday, August 12, 2010


We have rain again, this winter has been particularly dry, no rain for two weeks and the gardens where starting to dry out, I believe that we are to get about a weeks rain, bring it on... I love camillia's and have had no luck growing them here in Australia until now. I have planted them under the climbing roses that have bushed out giving protection from the sun.
This beautiful white one is quite large, it had a lot of large buds, but they seemed to just drop off before flowering but have had a couple come into flower, so I am happy.This one is half the size of the white one, it has white outer petals and the frilly inner petals are a cream, not quite as dark cream as in this photo, has lots of flowers coming out, this one is perhaps a bit older. I am afraid I don't know what their names are, I buy because I like the colour. I have a third one which is smaller still, didn't get a chance to take a photo when it was in bloom, the plant is only about 12 inches high, I think it is a low grower. I do love white camellias, especially in the darkness under the roses. Maybe next year I will be able to pick some and bring them inside.

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