Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jeanne d' Arc Living

I would like to wish you all a very productive and happy New Year. hope you had a great Christmas. The weather here in contrast to the Eastern side of Australia has been extremely hot, and I find it hard sitting at a computor in these conditions. My thoughts are with all those people in Queensland affected by the disastrous floods, I am grateful that my dearest sister Sharon and my neices and family, also dear friend Mandy Woodham where not affected directly with flood only inconvenienced by blocked roads, food shortages, electricity blackouts etc.
I am in the process of ordering in a wonderful magazine from Norway (at least I think it is Norway). In 2009 I bought one online from the USA but have been unable to get any further issues since, they where also not in English at that time but the photo's where so inspiring it did not matter that I could not read the words. I have since received another link to get them in the USA but the postage made it way to expensive for me, so with much encouragement from daughters and friends I am going to order them into Australia. By my calculations at todays Australian currency including freight from Europe I would think the cost to customers would be around $30 this would fluctuate with the $ changes. It comes out 8 issues a year. if you wanted it mailed within Australia we would charge $5 for freight as we do on our Stampington magazines unless they are under 500gms which we post at $2.70.

The photo's above are from the latest issue and in English language. I am looking for those who would like to commit to putting in an order, the minimum I can get is 10 but I would like to get 20. I have 6 interested women from my classes and family and would love to share with others that would love to get such an inspiring magazine in beautiful soft colours, vintage style, a little bit on gardens, a little bit or cooking. If you love Norwegian decorating style this will impress. A gorgeous timeless magazine to keep on your table. If you are interested send me an email and let me know what area you are from, if you are out of Australia I could get you a postage cost as well.

Best wishes for 2011 Jacky

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