Friday, January 28, 2011

Peggy Guggenhiem Exhibition

We have been extremely lucky here in West Australia to have the Peggy Guggenheim Collection on exhibition in Perth, finishing 31st January. I think it only came to Perth in the whole of Australia, which is really great, because of our great distance away from the Eastern States we rarely get any of the great exhibitions and shows that they do, a flight over there is 4 or 5 hours and forget about driving, so you can see why I am excited about this. But I haven't made the effort to get into the Art Gallery to see it and almost missed it. Finally got there on Thursday. I prefer to go to art galleries on my own, as I love to study the colours, the textures used, how they achieve light and shadows. I get a real kick out of standing in front of an original art piece and feeling the aura of the artist from so long ago. Picasso's painting above was one such painting, the fact that it has cracks in the oil paint adds to its authenticity, I just love his style, his choice of colours, that each line is not perfectly straight. mmmh I love his style, this has grown on me over the last 20 or so years. I also loved Mark Rothko's art.
This is only a short blog, we are having extreme heat conditions, my fingers are sticking to the keyboard. Very high humidity in which our evaporative air conditioner does not cope with, so I try not do anything that takes too much effort. I have boards with textured backgrounds that required at least 24 hour drying time waiting to be painted as samples for workshops, flyer's to be designed for said workshops, all will have to wait until this humidity drops. However there has been a cyclone warning that is due to hit Perth Sunday morning with extreme flooding, winds and inland fires, hope everyone is safe, it is predicted to be bad.
Stay safe

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