Friday, February 18, 2011

Hot week in Perth

No use in complaining this is what you expect when it is February in Perth, pump up the airconditioner and stay inside.  But I cannot procrastinate, classes and workshops to prepare and teach, products to make for markets.  It feels good to be productive, but, I find that when you work from home there is no division from work and home and tend to work all hours. Like today, my plan was to finish these Journals, well its nearly 4 pm and I still haven't finished.  These are to take to the Midland Arts and Crafts Market tomorrow.  As I have to be set up by 8.30 am I also had to load the van, at least that is done.  The time it takes me to make these journals and the price I ask for them makes me realise I am working for a pittance.  Just as well I enjoy making them.  I only make a few at a time, but like to have something new each month for this market.
It is going to be very hot again tomorrow, they keep raising our hopes, rain is coming hah!  Luckily I get provided with a large porta shade which I share with another artist, they consider me an artist?  I won't tell them if you don't.
Stay cool


ANGIE said...

Hi Jacky. I was blog-hopping and found your blog. I love your journals....the vintage lady and colors are lovely. I also enjoyed the photos of Perth, the kangaroos, flowers, etc.

It's so much fun seeing the world around me through our blogs.1 I had to become a follower.

We're not entirely hot here in Shreveport, LA but it'll get there soon enough.

Hope you have fun in your craft sale.


Jacqueline said...

These are gorgeous! Just spotted them on Pinterest!

Jacqueline said...

These are gorgeous! Just spotted them on Pinterest!

Blogger said...

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