Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handcraft Market

 Friday night and Saturday is Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market that sister Phillipa and I run, a lot of work, working our fingers to the bone making cherry blossoms from crepe paper as our theme is Cherry Blossom Time and we are donate a percentage of our takings to the Tsunami appeal in Japan.
I have also made some vintage collages with beautiful Japanese women.

 In the background and below are some lovely pieces of vintage Japanese Kimono silk fabric that I have been collecting for several years to make a Japanese Journal and as you can see I haven't got to do it yet.  I am not selling these but using them for display.

Above is my white cherry blossom made from crepe paper, mostly I have done pink but thought I would have white on my stall.  I am wearing a Japanese Kimono on Friday night I hope there isn't a fire or anything, although my stall is by the front door but I would probably fall down the steps.  Ruth who sells vintage kimono's and other Japanese items is a full bottle on all this and is going to put the obi (sash) on for me as its a real art, I couldn't wear it without the obi as being petite and dainty haha, it is way to long for me.  Phillipa is wearing a short Japanese jacket without the obi, but she is wearing long pants under hers.  Under mine will be tights, long sleeve fitting top etc as its usually very cold there at night.
I am teaching a workshop tomorrow morning then when that finishes will be loading up the van and taking a load to the hall, we put it up on the stage behind curtains as they have boot scooting there until 9pm then we scoot in and set up the hall and try and get our stalls finished so we can help others on the Friday.  We are usually at the hall on Thursday night until midnight or 1 am when we are by then too tired to go on.  Will take a lot of photo's to share with you and you can have a good laugh at me in my Kimono hahaha
Have a good weekend

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Annie Hamman said...

Your Japanese journal pages are amazing, I was doing research online to do Japanese journal and come across your entry. It's really inspiring, thank you!