Saturday, June 25, 2011



photo's above are of myself and my three wonderful sisters.  Growing up in rural New Zealand often we where the only friends we had and so we have stayed close.  The top photo is after I manipulated the lower one on my iphoto.  This is my first entry on my new imac, which I am growing to love I have lost this photo somewhere in the interior of computor and now need to work out how to locate it.

 Taken about 60 years ago, we are looking quite respectable, we often looked feral and that was what we looked like in those days.  No bought clothes, our wonderful mum made them all.  This looks like it might have been Christmas, see we all have a doll each, that man is our loving dad, who loved his girls unconditionally.
About a five years forward with a much remembered holiday trip to Wellington and this is on the steps of the museum with our dear dad.

                                  Today still finding something to laugh about and share a joke.                           Today is my birthday and I have received birthday wishes from all my sisters, family and friends.  To my sisters and family in New Zealand I hope you enjoy this post.
Have a great weekend
birthday girl

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