Saturday, October 22, 2011

Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market

I have been busy with our upcoming Miss Johnson's market next weekend, come along and see us if you can, I know that Friday is a public holiday but it become one after we had settled our dates, it would be a nice way to enjoy your Friday night or Saturday if you are not going to the barbecue with the Queen or other CHOGM things.  Will get back to you after the market.  Just want to share you with a little something that I read at the Museum when John and I went several weekends ago on our discovering Perth forays.
We, each of us, have part of a star inside us,
The calcium in our bones, was made in a star
and distributed by the nuclear explosion
that ended it life
before our sun was lit
- R Hutchison 1983


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

You make a great witch! I mean that in the best way, one of thoes warm witches that put a sparkle into life.

Such an interesting blog, I shall have to travel backward in time and read some of your posts :-}


lilylovekin said...

I like the book you created in NIna's class, yes she is a good teacher I love taking classes from her. I totally understand just having something around to look at and enjoy.