Monday, November 28, 2011

Workshop Juliana Cole

I have been busy what with fairs, 6 days in four weeks, I am so tired and glad they are finished for the year.  At the same time I have been doing a really good online workshop with Juliana Cole of Extreme journalism which is very therapeutic.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone, for $95 there is so much in it and you learn really great techniques and the forum is really supportive and sensitive to any issues you are sharing.  Following are the pages I have done to date, I still have more to do.

 This is the old book I chose to use for this workshop, it is an old album with good strong pages but rather large at 10 x 12 inches, which equates to a lot of writing, a lot you cannot see as it is buried under layers of paint, issues that I am working through.
 this is the first two pages of fears I had no idea what I was doing but enjoyed and just followed the process Juliana lead us through.
 Next pages where on your personal geography also called mapping, had to look that one up on the internet had not the foggiest about what was wanted, was fascinated with this subject.
 Another challenge, doing a palm reading, with so many marks on my palms was a difficult to read what was what
 Bride of Frankenstein was fun, could let your imagination run wild, underneath is a letter to someone I admired.
 My haunted house which is scary but also somewhere to feel safe.  As I had so many images I wanted to include I had to make flaps to hold it all.  On the left is the outside plus the spooky grounds with tombstones.  The right is an old window with all the eyes looking out.
 The flap opened shows what I find comfort in, in a home, can you see the ghost screaming, the staircase leading up to nowhere......
                                        and another hidden flap where my fears can feel safe!!!

The last one I did, I took the challenge and did a self portrait.  I have about 5 more pages to do.  I don't know why I signed up for this workshop but I am so enjoying it, dream about what pages I am going to do next, mmmmh bit of a problem there aye!!!! Will share when I finish.

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so so talented was moved by this