Sunday, December 4, 2011

New camera

Early this year I had thought of getting a digital SLR but as I already had a SLR camera and I didn't take all that many photo's I couldn't justify the cost.
However my trusty little Kodak camera that I have used up to now and all my photo's on my blog have been taken with.An online friend Nicolette from did the research on point and shoot camera's, her recommendation was the Panasonic Lumix DMC - LX5 when I looked at her photo's I was just blown away, I had to have one, aha John got me one for xmas.  Said it had to be wrapped up and put under the tree, I said, it could go under the tree when I have had a good play with it.  I love it, still have a lot to learn though, at the moment I am just pointing and shooting.  So much smaller than my kodak and faster.  I have signed up to do a workshop at New Norcia in April, 5 days on photography, should learn something in that time and what a beautiful spot with the beautiful monastery and historic old buildings.  If you interested in doing the workshop have a look on following are some of the photo's I took on Saturday when I went to Fremantle Bazaar to have a look and flowers in my garden, the photo's are straight off my camera, I haven't done anything to them yet

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Phillipa. said...

Nice pictures, I like the ones taken in Fremantle.