Thursday, February 23, 2012

my desk

My dear sister had a photo of her desk on her photography blog and it set me to thinking what does my desk look like in a photo.  Well, this is how my desk looks I am ashamed to say.

Just check no bra hooked on the chair, it is hot, but no, not there, thank goodness.  I have been sitting in that chair for over 4 hours, working on an online workshop I will be putting up when I have ironed a few things out.  Bopping away to Casey Chambers singing Rattling Bones, know what she means after sitting there so long.  Needed an eraser, rummaged at the back of my desk, its no wonder it takes me so long with all that mess.  Under the computer there are cards I received at Christmas and as I didn't get around to sending any they are waiting for me to send my apologies.  Also bits of paper, disks and usb things with my photo's on, hmmm, I don't know, I do try but I end up back like this in no time.

A closer look reveals coffee cup, got to keep the sustenance up, see that brown paper pushed aside, that gets dragged back when I went to work on my journal.
I guess my desk reveals me, a messy slob.
Have a good weekend...


Karen said...

Dear Jacky, you are hilarious! It's not that bad, it's the workspace of a woman with a busy mind and hands. At least you have some useable space there - you should see the state of mine! I can't wait to hear more about your online class. I hope you are well and your son is getting some good results with his treatment.

Jacky said...

Thank you Karen, it is bad when you spend half an hour looking for a rubber. Oh well they say a leopard can't change its spots. I will post the online workshop when I have it all sorted. I have a friend proof reading it for me. Your comment came with no reply so I am doing it here, I appreciate your comment.


I agree with Karen. It looks productive. My computer is in the lounge and the desk is small so have to keep it tidy.

Jacky said...

Yes I agree Paddy, it does help when you can just close the door.