Friday, February 3, 2012

Share my morning

 Thought I would share my morning with you.  I woke early 5.30am bursting with energy, just had to get out of bed.  Why is that, do you think? The one morning when I don't have to get up early.  My usual weekend morning ritual is to put the kettle on and go out and get the paper, then sit down for an hour with my cuppa and read the paper to see what is going on in the world, you see, I still prefer the written word.  This morning is amazing, cool night i.e. good sleep, several days cooler weather with rain, yay rain and now I can appreciate the sun.
My view from my kitchen sink, see the sink on the left and the early morning sun coming up.

 My breakfast, protein drink and toast with advocado, tomato, white onion a drizzle of caramelised balsamic a sprinkle of salt flakes and grind or two of black pepper, heaven!!!! why are the simple things so delicious
 whoops forgot to add some shredded coriander, yummy I was to busy tucking into this to take another photo, sorry it was nice too........
 Around the garden to take more photo's, can you tell the camera is not far from my hands, these are seed pods from the oriental poppies I pulled out over a month ago. Up against the blue, blue sky with the sun shining through
 And seed heads from the parsley.........
And this is my morning full of sunshine and possibilities, hope you all have a wonderful weekend..

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sharon said...

love the toast looks so tempting