Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am not really very domesticated but I like to pretend sometimes. Today I needed to make more muesli bars for John's lunch box, being my usual impulsive self, thought as I had the oven on I might as well make something else as well. Found my trusty Edmonds recipe book which is falling apart at my favourite recipes, must be over 40 years old, doesn't always see the light of day, but today it ended up on my bench. This trusty little recipe book brings back fond memories of my mum, my nana and my mother-in-law Gladys as I know they all had copies and all very good cooks, nothing fancy but good honest tasty food. I had a hankering for something ginger. Ginger cake seemed like a good choice and I had all the ingredients in the pantry.

It turned out just as I like, moist and wonderful flavour of ginger. When I was in Europe I found their cakes quite dry, my taste is to moist cakes, another favourite is banana cake, a favourite of my dearest dad as well. Well as you can see there is a piece missing, that was my morning tea.
Have a good weekend


Gretz said...

Only Kiwi's appreciate how wonderful the Edmonds Recipe Book is!! I have the microwave one too :-)

Gretz said...

Oh.. meant to say how yummy your baking looks!