Friday, March 16, 2012


Have you tried roasted beetroot??? its delicious especially when nice and fresh.  I try to cook a roast at least once a week, great value for money, as plenty of cold meat for Johns lunch's.  The price of meat here is pretty horrendous, the only roast I can afford these days is chicken.  And sometimes pork, lamb or beef you can never get anything under $20 so its off the menu, in fact I am seriously thinking about going vegetarian again.  The meat does'nt taste all that great either.  Anyway back to my free range chicken.  Which does taste delicious.
 I love to add kumara, (these are really nice at the moment) beetroot, shallots, potato (John only), not pictured here as they are not in the shops at the moment is Jap Pumpkin and the aniseed bulb split down the middle.
 Now I have a really bad secret, see that above, its the chicken neck, all crispy and hot, I tear it off when its cooked and eat it.  I know, I know I shouldn't as its very fatty, but oh, it tastes so good, especially straight out of the oven, while the chicken is resting.  Now I am not likely to get onto My Kitchen Rules in the near future, or ever come to that.  But can't say I agree with resting the roast, steaks yes, but I like my roast really hot!!!!
And this is John's tea, mine is about half that, not potatoes, but then I did eat that chicken neck, but I didn't put it on my plate, does that count.........

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sharon said...

of course if its not on your plate its not there i agree