Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Living Journal Challenge

 Are you up for a challenge,  a Living Journal Challenge.   I know this was done a little while ago, but, it was a USA blog and it was winter over there and summer here.  And when you get 4 or 5 months with no rain its not quite the same.  So, I thought I would put one out for this side of the world while it is still winter.  Heres the deal, gather a collection of papers, sandwich items inside that you think will leave a mark or imprint. Tie it all up with string or something similar and hang it outside in the weather for 3 months.  I have photographed how I have done mine.
 add paper bark and green flax leave, oh, I stitched mine together with a non waxed thread as I want to see if that ages as well, up to you!
 weed with roots and dirt as well as green leaves
 nasturtium flowers and leaves I pressed mine down with a roller to bruise and start some of the colour moving
 another weed
 parsley flowers and leaves, can you see the stain from pressing with roller, cool aye
 non water proof inks

 all wrapped up with brewed tea that we used for staining papers poured over and the tea bags stuffed into the pages to continue giving out colour
and the other side with tea bags stuffed under the string at top, sprinkle with hose to help it on its way.
Do you get the idea, I am sure you can come up with heaps of ideas that I haven't thought of, rust would be good.  I am going to do another one using paper and fabric, will put rusty metal in that one, also boil up some red onion skins, maybe brown ones too, some seeds.  I will wet it, then wrap in some fabric and bury it in the garden, making sure I mark the spot.  Some other ideas that I have heard about was burying it under a barbecue pit where the ash would fall, in water, Corinne did that but it washed away, so many idea's.  Will you join me please, just email me a photo with a description on what you have put in it, maybe put your procedure on your blog and send me the link and I can direct to your blog.  When the 3 months is up let me know how yours went.  I will also take photo's maybe once a month of the hanging one to show the progress.

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