Friday, August 31, 2012

Medieval Carnavale Part one

We had such a great time at the Ballingup Medieval Carnavale, as we drove into Ballingup there was all these colourful totems to greet us.

 This is the sight that greeted us on Saturday morning 7 am, thick fog, and cold brrrr... froze my fingers taking photo's.  The camels stayed on the side of this lane, then gave rides to children and older ones as well.

   Met this menacing looking warrior striding down the lane way.  It was great as I am reading The Game of Thrones and am up to book 5, so was very meaningful for me.  Great book.
                                       Everyone was very creative with their tents and shelter.
                The dragon on the bonfire was set alight later on Saturday night, very medieval.
            This poor baby was all rugged up for the cold, what a big boy though
  View from our tent, the wattle is in flower, some thought it was rather cold down there, but we got the sun so was nice and warm.
   Our medieval tent, Phil made all the bunting, clever girl isn't she, got us into the spirit of things.
                                           This was as close as I could get to one of the birds of prey, there was a demonstration of them in action on the Sunday.  There was two beautiful owls but they where inside a white tent and too hard to photograph, damn it!!!!

                          Two fair maidens sitting in the sun waiting for the action in the arena
                     And this very regal looking chap sitting on his throne, had a nice tent too
 On Saturday about three quarters of the people there where dressed in Medieval dress, you could hire the outfits for $10 a day, but a lot had their own.
                            I think this cute boy caught me taking photo's, everyone was so friendly
                                         What about these handsome dudes...........
                                            and this wench.............

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Great photos sis. Especially love the camels in the mist and you can see beautiful house in background. The horse was great too. Liked the way you got the two maidens in the foreground as well. Your first photo needed straightening with your Apple computer but great photos.