Sunday, September 30, 2012

day at the Royal Show

This weekend we had a public holiday on Monday.  We took the opportunity of going to the Perth Royal Show.  I hadn't been for quite a few years and John had never been.  We figured that a lot of people would be home watching footy finals and the crowd would be lower.  Wrong.  It was a beautiful day 34 degrees, but after weeks around the 20 degrees mark and a lot of rain this week, it was a bit much, people sat in every bit of available shade.  This is the part of the show that we enjoyed most.  The horse events in the main arena.

 The animals in the children's baby animals shed, lots of children enjoying this area.
 We always enjoy the woodchopping arena, behind that is showride alley's
 These big beauties John enjoyed, I liked how thin the chrome made me look, can you see me
 there where animals all around the show ground, it must have been bewildering for them
 there was a wonderful area devoted to an earlier era, above they where demonstrating sending morse code, this gentleman's hands are tapping out the message, to the gentleman below who was about 5 metres away typing out the message on a wonderful old typewriter.  Its sad to think that these skills will be lost in a generations.  Morse code is something I could never fathom, how from all these little beeps they got a message over many miles away

 a lot of the old machinery was in working condition and displaying the way it was done a hundred years ago, hard physical labour

 in our little scrap of shade, John enjoyed a hot dog and chips
part of the huge crowd enjoying the show.  As you can see we avoided the showride area and the show bag alleys where the biggest concentration of the young ones where making most of the event.  Some of those rides we could see from a distance seemed pretty hard on the internal organs, being hung upside down and shaken around, but was well patronised, so, kids must like them.  that will be us for another few years.  Next time we will take the train, where you can get off right in the grounds and we will chose a cooler day and perhaps a day when it is not quite so crowded.  Being a country girl crowds are overwhelming for me and the shuffling along, very tiring.

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It's nice to go to the show. I enjoy the animals and handcrafts if there is any. 34degrees ouch must have been warm for this time of year. I liked the photo of the man doing the morse code.