Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Medieval Carnivale Part 2

 colourful tents abound to create the right mood

 the fighting of the medieval knights was fierce, lots of bruises at the end of the day
 with the gorgeous ladies in their medieval finery keeping a close eye on the proceedings

 this monk had good shade from the sun
 back to the melee that is real chain mail, a lot of effort in making it realistic
 this happy fraulein enjoyed mixing in the crowd
 and she had a ball, look at that smile
 there where saxons, friars, crusaders
 oh, and a cute Japanese in modern dress
 mixing and mingling
 and a camel ride into the sunset
hope you enjoyed our foray into the past, we had so much fun

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Tents look very colorful. Looks like a lot of work has gone into the costumes. Must have been hard to take these photos as their was a lot shade everywhere. Good that you got up close to the people.