Saturday, January 12, 2013

Art for this week

 Leading up to Christmas I worked my butt off making Christmas presents, as you know orginasation is not my strong point.  But I always push myself until I get them all done and I seem to work better under presure.
 This journal was a massive project but I was so pleased of it when I finished, it is inspired by a journal Mandy Herring shared with me of one she got that was handmade by DJ Pettit, which I fell in love with.  This was Joannes present and I have started it for her by putting black and white photo's of her maternal line trying to keep them to wedding photo's where I could.  Some, her great great grandmother  I was unable to get.  Above is the cover, it has a fabric wrap signature the back of you can see below.

 Angel wings for kirsty, to hang on the back of her beautiful old mannequin.
    For Raymon, I had done this earlier in the year and only had a few little bits and pieces to complete it.
For Jessica and her little family.

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