Tuesday, February 12, 2013

graffiti art

 I have always liked graffiti art and particularly the stencil graffiti art.  The weekend that I did the Fringe world Laneway Markets, we ventured onto William Street before setting our stall up as we had arrived early.  Some really funky trendy shops in this strip, very creative and unique.  One shop that drew me in was called the Butcher Shop, much to my amusement it was a graffiti art shop, selling books, spray paints and apparel.  My eye was drawn to one particular book 'Stencil Republic' with 20 usable stencils, I had to have it.  The stencils all by well known artists measure 24 x 24 cm, a good size for what I wanted.
Above is the first one I made for my son, to me it says Victory, apt for my son.  The stencil is by Chris Stain.  I used Golden heavy body paints, some poster images from the newspaper and the Ironlak black spray paint I also bought from The Butchers Shop, I found this paint sprayed very well without blocking the nozzle and gave a lovely velvety appearance.  I would recommend wearing a mask as the fumes are quite strong and I sprayed out in the fresh air. Canvas size 25 x 30 cm.
This is the second one I did using same technique and stencil by STF.
I was very happy with how they turned out, maybe next time I will omit the poster images and just make it bare stuccoed wall.


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