Tuesday, February 19, 2013


yesterday I cat and dog sat for Joanne as they had a rent inspection.  2 dogs had to stay in the garage until after the class was over when I let them out, cautiously as the older one is a snarly thing and is like to take a snap at your legs, but she was ok.  Now, Leroy, what a heart breaker, he loves to smooch now.  I was on Pinterest and he sat on my hands then he sat on the keyboard then wanted to smooch my face, so I had to give that up, hmmm maybe I need him around more to stop me going on interest.

He has grown so much since I last had him, he has the longest tail too.  Sometimes I think I would love a cat but then I think what would I do with it when we go away.  So, for the time being, I will just get all my cuddles from Leroy, then send him home.


sharon said...

just beautiful


What a cutie. The cat looks like a real purrer.