Sunday, December 8, 2013

Big move 1 week tomorrow

Sorry it has been chaos here since my last entry.  Trip to New Zealand was wonderful, seems like a year ago.  The reunion was like having a big family wrapping you up in its arms, so many hugs, so much catching up.  Emotional trip to the Cemetary where my great grandmother was buried and a memorial stone unveiled, then a trip to each of our late relatives graves but most important finding our brothers grave.  He was the first born after my father left for the 2nd World war, although we never knew him he was always part of our family.  Growing up as the eldest when I felt I was hard done by I would talk to him wishing he had lived to take over the responsibility of being the eldest.

sharing the sisterly love, my mother never knew where his grave was, I guess it was too painful for her
It was great being with my three sisters first time in Gisborne altogether,  probably at my wedding, yikes, so long ago.  Gisborne is the first city to see the sun rising.

There was a bus trip out to Tekaraka where my Great grandparents had the hotel and this is in front of the home they built over a hundred years ago and still standing today.
view of Gisborne our home town from Kaiti Hill

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