Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life is slow in the valley

6.30 am this morning this huge truck rolled up, rattled its way down the gravel road, turned around then stopped just in the view of my kitchen window. Being nosey, I had to watch to see what he was up to, could have been a cattle rustler.  Hmmm, no, this other truck about half the first ones size rolls up, drives past the big one then backs right up to about a metre between them.  You gotta admire these truck drivers, they know their stuff.  To my entertainment they dropped a ramp between them and loaded cattle from the small truck onto the big guy, what a racket.  Then little guy goes away, big guy sits.  about 5 mins later little guy rolls back in again and repeats the process.  I am surmising the big truck was  unable to get to the yards where the cattle where and it took two loads to full the big truck up.
Very entertaining, as it was only dusk I had to lighten the photo so you could see the smaller truck, it had two trailers and if you look close you will see the white cab and dark colour trailers.

And great grandma with newborn little Amelia Joanne, just a handful.  The age I like them best.
Its 27 degrees today and very pleasant, I love anything below 30 and above 20.  No rain yet, forcast for Tuesday Wednesday next week, so its still bottle watering the fruit trees.
Life is good down in the valley



Sounds as though you are getting familiar to life in the country. Little Amelia is sooo cute.

Jacky said...

Yes loving country life, I was never a city person. And Amelia is cute aye.