Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Now the fun begins, tree removalists yesterday

 This is the block before the tree removalist's came in yesterday
 We have been working away at cutting this large rose back, there is a wisteria climbing through it as well we discovered.  Lot of dead wood underneath and old timber thrown there.  Jeff next door took the top off it after this photo was taken which made it much easier to tackle.  Still some dead wood and of course the cuttings all to be dragged down onto the bonfire which we cannot light until late May, but it is accumulating.
 John making a dash down from the top of the block before more branches came down.
 They where very persistant getting this Carob tree trunk and roots out.  Look at that wonderful soil, no more sand for me to plant in, yay!!!
 and the last tree standing that had to come down.  We got all the wonderful mulch, now to wheel barrow it all down into the orchard, the fruit trees will be very grateful as they havent had water for ab out two months, apart from the hand watering we have done taking bottled water each time we go.
 and timber!!!!
 This was fascinating, that green machine is a stump grinder and is being operated by the guy on the left by remote control, did such a great job.
 Looking up from the orchard
 and down from across the road
 Just waiting for our little house to be dropped in,  next step is getting the surveyor in.
These two big gum trees where the last to go and once they came down and all the debri cleaned up, opened things right up.  Will have to get more trees in once the house is built as a bit exposed on the Western boundary where the worst of the heat comes from, but that will be the garage and kitchen.  The guys from the tree romovalist's where absolutely great, such a clean job, would recommend them to anyone.


sharon said...

this is exciting keep pic coming sometimes have to get the big guns in will be easier for you


Wow it's all happening now isn't it. Exciting time for you.