Sunday, August 17, 2014

House started at long last

 This is where we have been doing all the work on our vegetable gardens.  Vege bins dug down into the ground, all filled up with part wood chip from the trees cut down (would cost way to much to fill with soil) and topped up with Mumbullup Garden soil which is very rich, will keep topping it up with this as it breaks down below.  Our pallet table and $1 chairs from the tip where we sit for morning tea or lunch.  Just to the right of the photo you can see the shadow of my Bug Palace, more on that in another post.
 Blossoms coming out on one of the old Apricot trees which may have to come out as it may be in the way of the septic tank.  Apparently it flowers each year but no fruit the other Apricot tree next to it has stopped flowering (maybe dead) so no polination.  Will plant some more if we have to take these out.  Have room for about 10 new fruit trees in the orchard, what fun choosing them aye!
 A few of the old trees have a lot of this lovely lichen covering the branches, look lovely in a vase.
 Builders sign at top of the block.  John cut all the long grass down before this photo was taken so the builders can see better where to put the poles.  in the foreground is the view we will have from the back verandah about 2 metres above ground.
Right, most important thing, the dunny is here so building can start.  Earth mover digging out the pad for the garage which is part of the house.  Will keep you up to date.

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sharon said...

what a view keep us posted you must be excited