Sunday, August 17, 2014

Special gift for a special boy

After quite a few years gathering materials for this special present I made this for my son last christmas.  Raymon has been battling with  cancer and then the after effects of the radiation treatment which is still ongoing.
This art journal is made in an old army steel lined case which I think was made for water bottles.  I love how the fabric on the outside and in is all faded and marked showing it was used for a purpose and one can imagine if it could talk it would have a lot of stories to tell.  Across the bottom is a belt of used artillery shells, attached to the right side a used bullet, dog tag and small bottle of sand found in the pocket of the old army jacket i cut up and used on the inside pages, the sand suggests the African desert. . On the left is the 8th army star which my dad fought with in El Alamain and an army photo of my dad on the truck.  One of the pages has the New Zealand badge with his dog tag number.  Tied in the lid is letters he sent back home mostly to his sister as the ones he sent my mum got lost when we moved around, also another photo in the camp.  The pages inside have his army photos taken when he served in the 2nd WW. 1939 to 1943. Following are the pages inside the case.  I made them in a concertina style using string to join.  The pages are displayed on an old english flag, which I cut up and included into the book.

Alex you might be interested in this of your uncle Ray

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this is truly great