Saturday, September 6, 2014

Its Spring down in the valley and things are starting to move

Spring is here in the valley and snapped this photo of a little wild rabbit outside the window at 9 am, thought it was a bit late for him to be out in the open.  I know they are a pest, but, oh they are so cute.
 Before spring, a last minute hoorraa Friday week ago it rained and it rained and we had floods, water everywhere, great excitement.  Reminded me of when we where kids dad would take us to see the flooded rivers in New Zealand.
Getting lots of blossoms in the orchard, I put breadcrumbs in the bird feeder, not sure who eats it but its gone when we go back the next day, hoping its birds and not encouraging possums.
 Daffodils all coming out in the orchard, the jonquils are finished now.  The previous owners planted straight rows between the fruit trees, you may see them in the foreground on the left, now I know what they are will dig up and spread around the orchard in clumps next autumn.
 Biggest exciting news is the house has been started.  Above you can see the pad for the garage has been laid, this took a few days.  Timber has arrived for poles, floor joists and flooring.

 Looking from the orchard you can see the brickwork used to build the pad level with the house.
 Poles all up and waiting to be levelled off, this was the day before the storm hit and had to wait a few days for the water to drain out of the holes.
 Putting on the floor joists. Starting to see the layout, and the surrounding land for gardens, love planning that.
 Prefabricated walls and roof panels arrive, $70,000 worth, these should go up very quickly, the hardiplank for the outside walls is also there.
 Thursday the flooring started going down, two thirds finished at the end of the day on Friday, fortunately they covered it all with black plastic as more rain arrived through the night.
 Friday I spent the day turning the soil along the western boundary and planted cuttings and some shrubs, I am hoping the wood chip mulch will loosen the soil up and I believe I need to add dolomite and lime.  Next job.
 The view from the orchard of the house with half flooring done, John was pruning the fruit trees, did a great job as he has never done it before, we also got some pelletised organic chicken manure spread all around the orchard, so should be well watered in.
 It has been up and down as to wether we could build a studio and garden storage underneath and as you can see from John standing checking out the workmanship, there will be plenty of room.  We will be in denial this week as we will be without the van for 4 or 5 days, hell, I can walk down there, about 10 minutes walk and good exercise.

And finally the roses are starting to bloom, picked this lovely lavendar one out of the garden just to share with you.
Hope you all had a lovely Fathers Day weekend.


sharon said...

were do i start love the rabbit cute good pic the house site is becoming clear to me the fruit will be great and can picture the spring bulbs it sounds as if you guys are real happy there good for you

Anonymous said...

Wow it all looks amazing, so great to see it all coming together! Love you both xxxxx love Jo