Sunday, December 14, 2014

challenges of building in the country

One of the challenges we have faced building in the country is a septic tank.  The shire was very pedantic insisting on leach drains going 9 metres, consequently, as there are other regulations i.e. 3 metre from boundary, 1.5 metres from house leaving no option other than going into the orchard.  Also the leach drains cannot slope down.
 Chris the installer started digging, these machines are amazing the way they rotate around and balance when you are sure it will tip up but Chris had full control.  It would have been much easier for him if it had been done before the house was built.
 Four apricot trees had to come out, but we still have two and thats more than enough when the blimey parrots leave you no fruit, not even waiting until they ripen.  Netting will definitely be going up next year.
 Just like a fox terrier with a rat, shook the tree to death and out it came.
 All this had to go down the back, the big round ones was virtually rolled from side to side, being to heavy for the machine to carry.
 Balanceing act dropping it in the hole and making sure it was level.
 Two of these babies, bit of overkill for 2 person house.
 And the leach drains stretch out like runways.  Shire took time coming to inspect then insisted all soil between the two be taken out and a metre each side, tricky business!
 As they have to be level and our block is sloping they are below ground closest to the house and when covered ended up a metre above ground.

 And the end result, challenge is to cover, looks like a burial ground, I am thinking of growing creepers around the sloped sides.  Under the soil there is 6 truckloads of sand.
The earthworks guy did a wonderful job and he excavated the front area ready for retaining next winter or spring.  Will need to make sure no water seeps through from up the hill, I am hoping no water.  Lot of bare dirt, my feet are constantly dirty whenever I do anything outside.
Challenge number two is that we have been in the house for a week and only have one power socket on the pole at the boundary with leads all over the floor.  But we have risen to the challenge manage to get the heat pump hot water going so we can now shower, do a couple of loads of washing, become quite creative cooking meals in the electric frypan all the time hoping we are not overloading the switch.  Maybe tomorrow they will connect the power to the house, you cannot rush Western Power.
Monday morning we had five different contractors finishing off and the removalist truck arriving at 12.15 to move all our big furniture, we did the rest, and all the time trying to sort out Western Power, chaotic is an understatement.
However we are now able to start sorting ourselves out in our lovely new home which has everything I always wanted large walk in pantry, large walk in shower, big country style kitchen, John has his theatre room and I have my studio, downstairs studio will have to wait for a while. Love sitting out on the back verandah watching the world go by.  We are learning to be patient and not stress the small stuff.  It will all get done eventually.
I cannot believe it is Christmas in eleven days, have eleven coming down to stay for a few days for Christmas and haven't even thought about Christmas dinner, it will be fun though having them all stay for a while.
The one room that is finished, the bathroom, walk in shower at the far end under the window is great.
Hope you are all enjoying the preparations for christmas, fortunately I made most of my presents so haven't had to go near the shops.  Happy hunting for the perfect presents and your preparations are stress free.


sharon said...

you will have great drainage with all that sand great update so glad your in before xmas bathroom looks so good


Gosh sis what a drama. Your bathroom looks amazing.