Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The year that was in Donnybrook 2014

We have been in Donnybrook a year now and do not regret our decision to move out of Perth into a small country town.  Donnybrook has ticked all the boxes for us. It has been a jam packed year moving house twice, never again, have decided I hate moving, I am a typical cancer.  John had his surgery and has fully recovered and not looked back, certain things he cannot do ie lifting heavy things but healthwise he is great. My health is also great but then I have Johnson genes ie peasant stock. We have rented this lovely old house below for a year and have now got living in an old house out of my system, quite happy to have the mod cons now, also don't regret living in this quirky old cottage with its bountiful birds and even the skinks that lived under the house in summer and in the roof for winter.  We where constantly amused by the cattle in the paddock outside the kitchen window.  Now we see them across the highway on the hills.

Building our own home without a mortgage was amazing, loved making the payments when they became due knowing it was our money paying for it.  We where under $5,000 over budget but we made informed decisions to get the heat pump hot water and extra on electric fittings.  Our new home is not large 113 sq metres living and 26 sq metres under roof garage. We got everything we wanted, compromised on some things like building underneath. Now we are living in the house we can build under later if we want.  Decided we didnt need extra bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms and we are quite happy with what we have.  I walk down the hallway and glance in the bathroom and feel like pinching myself, this is ours.  The parts I love the most are the bathroom, and of course the lovely pantry, the back and front verandahs, the wide hallway, the spacious kitchen (don't need a family room or lounge) hell I love the lot.
I even like the fact everything wasn't finished when we moved in (still not) its like a whole new appreciation each something gets finished, like finally getting the power on after 10 days and we could get rid of all the extension cords snaking across the floor, and I could cook in the oven.  Then getting the gas bottles and discovering how to use the elements. Going from view above to view below.

 and from this above to this below ( a new challenge, wait and see what I plan to do with it) will eventually look amazing.
We still have doors to paint, floor covering to be done and ongoing gardens to landscape, which will not be started until well after summer, that ground is like rock now.  I have made a token effort and hung some artwork discovered removable picture strips and hooks.  Still have heaps of boxes to unpack but they will wait until floor covering has been done.
Thank you for following me on our building journey and will keep you up to date with living in the country and my garden efforts.
I wish you all the very best for 2015.  Some family and friends have had a terrible year and I hope 2015 is kinder to you and those who had a good year hope that continues. Be kind to each other, treat those less fortunate with respect and understanding, be the very best you, you can, peace and happiness 
From Down in the valley


sharon said...

all good sis pray 2015 will be good


All coming along nicely sis. I brought a goat skin off trade me and today, Cass, Jolie Peter and I ventured out into the sticks to pick it up. We got out there to discover it was a teenage girl who used a bow to shoot the wild goats. There was a family of four girls and they were real entrepreneurs. They were all homeschooled and now doing different things. One girl got 90 eggs a day which she sold to the local community. I told one girl that mum pulled back a 30lb bow from memory and she said she pulled back 60lb. Amazing aye.