Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New challenges are fun

Sorry, I have been so busy that I have neglected my blog.  Our journey into our new home has had a few challenges.  Not to do with the house itself, but with Electricity and Telephone companies.  However we have been in nearly 5 months and had 2 seasons, summer and autumn.  Summer has been very long and hot but now it is my favourite season, autumn.  Autumn with the lovely deciduous trees turning beautiful shades from yellow to red and many shades in between.  We have had a few good falls of rain to soften up the soil and a chance to get started on the gardens, more of that in the next post.

 For our flooring we are trying the very latest paint effects called spilt paint on floorboards, very versatile the pattern just keeps growing, soft on the bare feet walking. Jokes aside son-in-law is so busy up in Perth that he hasn't had time to do the largest area of flooring.  However we have two rooms carpeted, the theatre room and one bedroom, so thats a start and there is no rush as each area we get done is a new delight to be enjoyed.
 We don't have a separate kitchen, dining and family area its all one big room, was a bit of a challenge placing furniture but really happy with this layout.  Plenty of light (important to short sighted people) and lovely views from the large glass dooors to the back verandah of the nearby hills.

 My studio is off this room and nice and roomy, will give you photo's later as still not sorted out.
 Doorways here lead to theatre room, passage and my greatest achievement a large walk in pantry, just love it.
 John's man cave the theatre room and below looking back into the kitchen
We are so happy with our new home, the layout works really well for us.  We are taking our time and gradually putting up our artwork, learning how to put hooks into gyprock after only having brick walls is a whole new ball game.  John is really enjoying being more involved in doing all this, in the past because he was working and usually we moved in a weekend he had little time to do this.


sharon said...

do i detect your books in the mancave this looks great so glad you didn't include the pantry will be envious when i see it

Phillipa. said...

Looks fabulous Jacky...can see why your happy down there xxx

Anonymous said...

looking good, can't wait to see what you do with the garden. Jo xx

Jacky said...

Yep Sharon all the books went in the mancave.