Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nina Jewellery

I have been very fortunate to have some beautiful necklace's made especially for me by Nina Bagley. While I do treasure these lovely pieces I am not a jewellery person, usually only wear my wedding ring. The gift I most love from nina is the lessons she has taught me in making books, the lovely one I did in Cortona and the book of trees, I never tire of admiring these. I especially love to look at nina's jewellery and if I am wearing it I cannot see it, so I have made this lovely jewellery tree that sits in front of the window where the light catches it, in my studio, now isn't that nicer than around my neck. I think my lack of enthusiasm in wearing jewellery is that I wear glasses and do not have a lovely long neck, I feel all cluttered up wearing jewellery as well. As for wearing bracelets I hate anything hanging over my hand, being a real hands on person I don't like anything that gets in my way. Do you feel that way too, or am I a bit peculiar? I know, don't answer that one.


Phillipa said...

Jacky that looks lovely and I just love that photo of you,

nina said...

jacky i send you much MUCH love...xoxoxoxo