Saturday, July 12, 2008


Winter is well and truly with us, we have had quite a lot of rain which is lovely for the earth. Its also a good oportunity to stay inside and get things done that you put off when the weather is warmer. I have had a busy week creating some new journals, I have still work to do on them and will share when I finish. Joanne and I went to a small art and craft fair in Leederville put on by Made on the Left Marketplace. We went to have a look as some customers had advised us that it was on as hadn't heard of it before. Was well worth seeing, what attracted me was that it was all handmade products, the large fairs in Perth have unfortunately become more of a venue for made in asia products which the handmade crafts cannot compete pricewise, so it is really good to see that there are craftspeople out there still creating and a new venue for them to share their products with. Very talented upcoming artists where there.
the colours in the garden are so much brighter in winter, here a cyclamen in with ivy and nasturtiums giving varying shades of green.
Isn't this wonderful old clock lovely, it looks as if it has been made from an old soup tin or such, it almost looks as if someone has made it up from bits and peices. To the right of the clock is a small pen knib holder with the rusty old nibs in slots with their sizing below it even has to litte metal nails on the bottom to hold the pen this too looks handmade. I do love aged items such as these that someone has very cleverly created out of need, is he or she still around. Peeking from the back is a lovely little fat concertina book An aMoral Myth of ....the Melancoly star-nosed Mole by elvira Mcswain on 300gm watercolour paper, put through a printer, lovely art, this little book appealed to me when I was in Melbourne, I just couldn't resist it, now you know how I love books.

I want to share with you a really tasty relish I found at woolworths (hate shopping there but do find some little treasures sometimes) the relish is made by Baxters a Scottish producer, Sweet Caramelised Onion Chutney with Orange. It is really tasty, good on fresh Italian bread with a nice cheese, also nice grilled until cheese melts. Would be great in a plowmans lunch. Give it a taste and let me know what you think.

Hi to all me family and friends in Austalia and New Zealand. Jacky


Ro Bruhn said...

Must try the relish, it sound great. I love the old clock, I have a very tiny one that was my grandmothers, it doesn't work and I keep thinking of all the lovely goodies inside it that I could use, but I just can't bring myself to pull it apart.

Sam Marshall said...

Love your gorgeous photos, Jacky!

Anonymous said...

Jacky, I have nominated you for a blog award... Heres what you do:

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NOW all I have to do is send you the link for the award, which does not work here, so if you check out my site you will see yourself nominated and pick up the award. much love to you,

JuliaRose said...

Hi Jacky,
Just love your tales of everyday see such wonder in nice...Thanks for sharing...relish and all.
I love the clock, may I copy to use as a collage piece one day?...