Friday, November 7, 2008

Ford House, Bridgetown

whoa, I have been so busy I have not had time to update my blog, my apologies to those who take the time to read this blog, when I read some other blogs (don't have much time to do that either) I wonder if anyone finds mine interesting or not.
Joanne and I have been busy making things for craft fairs as well as keeping up with projects for our classes. The girls who do take classes are progressing well with their vintage silk and lace journals, I will include some photo's when we finish, this is a long project and we are taking a break for a little while. At the present we are making some christmas cards using Beryl Taylor techniques and then we will move onto a vintage look canvas.
I did manage to take a week off, or part of the week. John and I spent a week down south, I had a stall at the Westfibre Forum in Bunbury on Sunday and Monday. I would recommend participation at this forum they had excellent tutors and a good variety of classes. The forum was held for a week at the Catholic College just outside Bunbury, great venue. We spent Tuesday to Thursday with eldest daughter Kirsty, husband Peter and grandchildren Jack and Alyssa for a bit of rest and relaxation then went on to Bridgetown where we spent two lovely nights at the beautiful Ford House, the gardens where stunning all the images in this post are taken at this special place beside the river.early morning the river is like a mirror below the two bridges one a road the other a rail.this is the view from our room in the early morning, how relaxing is that, the view of the river is at the back of our room, one could get used to this I think.The roses are just starting to bloom but this beautiful buttery yellow Banksia rose was out in all its full glory.


Phillipa said...

this looks so beautiful and great photo's. Would love to stay there sometime. Phil.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time. We will have to check this place out.

Lisa Crofts