Friday, May 8, 2009


Friday week ago I went into the day ward at Royal Perth Hospital for the infusion for my Pagets disease, felt like an impost er sitting up there with my feet up reading my book, while around me there was several very young adults and others having blood transfusions and dialysis. The infusion took 4 hours after which I headed back to work at the shop. What the infusion does is coat my bones to stop the calcium leaching away and weakening my bones. About 6 pm the pain started at differing parts of my body and rapidly increased to such an intensity that by 7 pm I had to stagger to bed other than my legs every other bone and it felt like my organs where in screaming agony, through the night I woke up moaning and just about crawled to the toilet. This lasted for around 24 hours by this stage leaving me weak and just wanting to sleep. Each day I have felt a bit better, still rather weak and by 3pm I start to flag. By next week I am hoping I will be fighting fit again.
I know that there are a lot of very sick people worse off than I am, but pain is individual and we all handle it differently, all I can say is I hope this procedure lasts a long long long time.
Really modern medicine is a marvel, how does this drug know to coat my bones, you would think that something that strong would not be able to be administered intravenously.
On a brighter note I have prepared another 8 double pages for my Teesha Moore book, it is so much fun, also quite relaxing.
onwards and upwards


Judy said...

Sounds awful but i am glad you are feeling better now.

Karen said...

Dear Jacky - I'm sorry to read about the Paget's and horrified at the pain the treatment caused you. It must have been very frightening for both you and John. So glad that you are recovering your strength and also hope that the benefits of the treatment last a long, long time. Wishing you a happy Mother's Day tomorrow.
Love, Karen xo

Corrine said...

Oh Wow Jacky, That sounds terrible!
Fingers crossed that treatment lasts for a long time and you don't have to go through that too often.

downunderdale said...

Jacky - you poor thing - i hope the treatment lasts a life time and that you are feeling super again now