Friday, May 22, 2009

Little black petticoat

My boyfriend at the time now dear husband John, gave me a lovely boxed black lingerie set, with burgundy lace for my 19th birthday. (mmmh now that was a long time ago) It was quite risque to wear black underwear and I just loved it.

I was absolutely horrified when washing it in my mum's electric washing machine with the roller wringers it jammed in the rollers, In a panic I tried to release the rollers but by the time they released I had a few tears. First thing what an idiot not hand washing ( I was only 19, think it was the first time I had used a washing machine). Second thing can you see my very rustic hand mending, I have learnt a lot since those days, but it is a special memory and I still have that petticoat, couldn't possibly fit into it now, I think the waist was 20 inches wide.We have had a class recently on covering cigar boxes and I made one as a memory box with said petticoat inside, will also do a letter about my memory of this, maybe one of my granddaughters may be interested.The top and sides of the box I painted white and used vaseline underneath in parts to give an old worn look. I painted some 300gm watercolour paper and an image of self wearing said petticoat, to the left a photo of John and I taken around that period. I stitched together some ribbons and lace to give it a feminine touch and a 7gypsy knob to open. Words from a song printed around edges in black pen.


Julia said...

That petticoat is to die for!....the combination of black and burgundy...yummy...absolutely love your journal pages on it, the picture of the figure you painted is fabulous!!...Thanks for sharing such a lovely stiry...did you say you used vaseline for an aged look?...doesn't it rub off?

Kirsty said...

Jacky that looks divine!!! What a wonderful thing for your granddaughters to discover!! Wish i had things like that from my grandmother.donscr