Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Teesha Moore Journal pages

I have finally finished my 16 double pages for the journal that Teesha has so kindly put on her blog.
With these pages I have moved into a much paler colour scheme, my favourite colours. I loved using the white pen to draw my embroidery patterns around the edges of the collages. I have included prompts from Sabrina Ward Harrison's book 'The true and the questions', very though provoking. I cut up a lot of my Romantic Home and Victoria magazines for my collages.
This photo above I tried Lisa Bebi
technique from Somerset Apprentic magazine that we got in a few weeks ago. We still have some in stock. I like this technique and the way it ties the image into the page.
Lavender!!!! well I did not want to place any boundaries on myself, so tried all the colours I could get my hand or should I say paint brush on. I will put the last of the pages up soon, this is a bit of a marathon of photo's. This is way too much fun!!!


Anonymous said...

just amazing and more geogous in the flesh, beautiful work Jacky. Phil

Queen Of Toys said...

Jacky, this book is trully awesome and i just can't wait to see what you are doing next.

Hugs Elizabeth