Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More pics from Dwellingup

For overseas visitors to my blog, I want to share with you some small samples of the Western Australian countryside, best seen in Winter.
Do you not think this flowering gum is spectacular can you see the bees that where so busy

The dirt in the Australian countryside is red, you can see it in the gravel here and it colours the rainwater in the pot hole a dirty orange, see the towering trees in reflection.

The driveway into Banksia Lodge, the cottages can be seen through the trees

Homes of some of the locals, idylic countryside, so peaceful, no hum of vehicles here

The bare twisted branch's of the wisteria, you see it is winter, even the grass is green, brown in summer

I love the lovely soft blue on these rusty beams at the timber mill

lovely moss covered tree stump

Here is the large arbour hidden in the bottom of the garden, Banksi Lodge

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Anonymous said...

great photo's Jacky, you girls look like you had a great time. Phillipa.