Friday, July 24, 2009

WA Craft - Quilt and Stitch Show

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday we are exhibiting at the WA Craft - Quilt and Stitch Show and we have been working our fingers to the bone preparing and making sure we have enough stock etc. Joanne is demonstrating Painting on canvas using Caran d'ache water colour crayons and Golden Fluid paint, that will keep her out of trouble while look at what everyone else is doing. Other years we have run a class there, but found it took us away from the stall for 2 hours at a time. Will be much better demonstrating at the stall where the product is at hand. This fair is always a good one to go to, a) plenty of free parking b) lots of great exhibitors, Dale and Ian's from Thread Studio is always popular, Mareene who runs this show brings out really great guest artists, this year she is bringing Maggie Grey from the USA I think although I always thought she was from the UK. I am doing a workshop with Maggie called Dissolvable Delights on Tuesday, hahaha Jo will have the job of putting the stock away, planned that one well didn't I. I like to try new crafts and have admired Maggie Greys work for ages. Year before last Mareene had Beryl Taylor at the show and Jo and I did workshops after the show, such a lovely lady and her work is stunning. I believe you should never stop learning, keeps you from getting bored.

As we will have a lot of the stock at the show we will not have the shop open on those days as well as Thursday, so come and see us there, learn some new skills, see amazing artwork and the beautiful displays of innovative handmade clothing made by students and artist, these are amazing, such talent we have here in WA. Will next catch up with you with what I make at Maggies workshop.

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Aussie Jo said...

Hi Jacky,
Did you finish your pieces from Maggie's workshop? I'd like to see some pics as I was there the Tuesday as well