Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I loved playing netball, I love tearing up and down the court, I live in another world when I play netball its me the ball my team mates and the competition, and I am oblivious to anything else. Winning wasn't important but a game well played where the score was pretty even was the best, win or lose. Of course I haven't played for over 25 years, the mind is willing but the body won't keep up, oh well!!!! Recently I went to a National competition game with Joanne and my Granddaughters to see the West Australian team play the Bay of Plenty team. Now if it had been another Australian team I would have yelled for the local team but as it was against a New Zealand team, I supported them, Joanne and I where voices in the wilderness, think we should have gone and sat with the very vocal Maori contingent on the other side. NZ won and they are leading the competition, there's something about seeing a live game you get caught up with the atmosphere and the excitement.

Can you see in this photo, the girl in the black leaning back on her player if the other girl stepped away she would be flat on her backside, this part I do not like, you would have been pulled up for contact when I played, it must be so very tiring to have someone leaning on you all the time. I guess the rules have changed? All my grandchildren play sport, the girls netball and the boys football, I get the opportunity to go and watch them occasionally but really prefer playing to watching.

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I love your new image on the blog banner, have a great time this weekend at Dwellingup. pip.