Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3rd lesson on making paper journal

Ok! so how have you been going preparing your pages, hope I have encouraged some of you reading my blog in having a go, because now comes the fun stuff, really I am getting as much fun making these journals as I am hoping my grand daughters will have fun using them. I am giving you the 3 stages of this one page to save you scrolling up and down to see the differences, above is the page with just the masking tape joining 2 pages together. My tools I have used are gesso, Pitt Brush Pens, fine line pen, stamps and scrap paper, other things you could consider are water colour crayons (you will need to put a sealer over the crayons, I use matt gel medium. I also use the gel medium to take the shine off the magazine images). This one is after I have added gesso.
And the finished pages waiting for the recipient to add script or more doodling. On the left of the page cut out from a teens magazine, cutting away all the background. Glue down with glue stick, glue a piece of scrap paper across bottom, great way to use up your scrap paper. Using a 8B graphite pencil draw around the edges where you would have shadows then smudge with a rubbing pencil (one of those firm rubber shaped like a pencil with a point on each end. These are really great for making shadows. On the right page using Pitt brush pens draw lines down from the figure every 2nd one draw stripes in two different colours and draw dots in the other space. Using a fine line black pen out line each stripe to define.
All that I have done with these pages is to write a quote on this one with a black fine line pen.

And this one a prompt for the recipient to continue with. With your black fine line pen, go for it, tats, wings, extra skirt, bangles and a hat, get the idea, so much fun I think she looks much more interesting now, journal ling can be added into all the white spaces. Golden gesso is a good substrate for your pen Remember this fun couple with fine line pen give them some movement and words coming out of their mouths and on the right I have used a prompt from Sabrina Ward Harrison's books, my favourite. Another scrap of paper on the bottom.
Use your favourite stamps mine are Nick Bantock (so quirky) using Pitt brush pens make a ribbon border around the crab and shade with graphite pencil and smudge, SWH prompts to get your ideas flowing. I used the black India Ink stamp pad as I find it nice and juicy.
Add scraps of paper one on right I have scalloped the edges and shaded. SWH prompts, a coloured photo with snips of masking tape on corners.This one a clip art clown with a border done with Pitt brush pens (one of my favourite tools).

Well that gives you some ideas the hardest part is knowing when to stop, and remembering its a gift for someone else, you just want to give them some ideas on creating their pages, way too much fun. In the one journal I have finished I have got 42 pages or 21 double pages. Will give you some time to catch up. Well that was a mammoth entry for me.

Have fun



Ro Bruhn said...

These are great journals Jacky, I'm sure your granddaughters will love them. I have quite a few young students in my altered book workshops who love using them as journals.

Corrine said...

Wow Jacky, I've just stopped by to see what you've been up to...I want to make a journal for my niece for Christmas too, now I know how to finish it off. Brilliant

chrisg said...

Hi Jacky

i am completely new to visual art journals and have just started my own. I dont quite know how i stumbled across your blog (probably via a link in someones blog) but I just wanted to say a huge thanks for sharing your clear step by step instructions, which takes away a lot of the 'fears' i've had in creating ajournal page. your journals are fab and i'm sure your granddaughters will love them. Also loving you Teesha Moore Journal - amazing! Thanks a million for sharing your talent.

Anonymous said...

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