Wednesday, September 16, 2009

make a journal present with me

Hi, I am sharing with you a journal (make it 3 journals) I am making for three of my grand daughters as Christmas presents. You have plenty of time to make some if you wish. Doesn't cost much just takes a little bit of your time to make a personal journal for someone you love to write in and add more photo's etc. The first image is of a journal Joanne made after doing a workshop with Sabrina Ward Harrison when she was in Perth last year. Joannes journal gave me the idea of making these as Christmas presents. Tools you will need are a selection of books and magazines, look for sturdy pages. Masking tape from hardware shop three and a half centimetres wide. Scissors, and gel medium, I use Golden because it's simply the best, you can see some of the background page and it strengthens the pages.
These are some of the magazines I used for my pages, I look for suitable images, lovely colour images in FreshFruits, lovely black and white images in the vogue book, more lovely images in a fashion advertising magazine and a bridal magazine and then lots from old books. Images I look for nice are fashion pics, animal pics, jewellery, bags, cosmetics etc pics all that would interest my teenage grand daughters. I also like different size pages to give more interest. Are you getting the idea.These pages from the voque book, nice sturdy pages, join your pages together with wide 3 1/2 cm wide masking tape (the one I am using is smoother than some, when I join 2 pages together I leave just a little gap. These are pages from old books, nice and sturdy, I like to separate the ones with images with these pages.These are the amazing pictures out of the freshfruit magazine, just wait and see how these come out after further treatment.

How funky is this page from Freshfruits, this is going to look amazing. You can join different pages from different books and different sizes. You may not be able to see but on the old book page has torn when I was putting the masking tape on, but not to worry I will cover it with another page which will cover and strengthen the whole page. Well folks I am off to do the next step and will show you that in the next day or two. I really hope you will give it a go, if you do send me some photo's of the ones you do. Have fun


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Olga-MIA said...

It is so wonderful to be able to share this with you al the way from Miami, Florida. I am going to do one and I will share with you at the end. I thank you for your inspiration and I still hope to see you in the near future.
Best, Olga