Thursday, September 17, 2009

Second stage making a paper journal

Okay the second step in your paper journal is to paint with gesso.

This one is painted just with gesso, can you see the script through the gesso

You can add some colour by adding a drop or two of fluid acrylic while the gesso is wet, this will lighten the colour. I also added an extra bit of bold script on the left hand side. You could add copies of photo's here and gesso over top.remember this fun one, gesso around the figures, then while gesso is wet use the other end of your paint brush to write some words or patterns. Page on the right is the one I ripped and I glued another page on top. Stronger page.Page out of bridal magazine, these pages are very shiny and paint doesn't want to adhere to it but the gesso is fine.Did you notice this image with all its dark background, whiten out with gesso and she floats with her wings spread out. This will give you plenty of options for next stage.This page is one of the bigger pages and I have only scanned one side. This page is out of the vogue book, I really like these, the pages aren't shiny and seem to take the gesso better, doesn't she stand out on the page.

Ok that's it for this stage, In my journal I am doing 5 double pages to each signature of which there will be four signatures (group of pages that will be sewn into spine together) so that will be approx 20 double pages. Will be back next week for next stage gives you plenty of time to get yours done.

have fun



lilylovekin said...

Jacky, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've just started the Shades of Grey workshop online. Your notebook looks Great!!!. Good lucky with the journals as Christmas gifts, what a wonderful idea. I'll be back to check on your progress.

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Jacky, What a cleaver idea. You are very talented. Thanks for stopping by my Big Bear Lake blog. Your comment meant so much to me. I have another blog you might injoy also.