Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas over already

Where did the time go, I did mean to make an entry before closing the shop before Christmas, well you can see that didn't happen. I find it is so crazy leading up to Christmas what with fairs to participate in, all the shopping to do (food that doesn't get eaten, it was way to hot, next Christmas I hope to be more organised, plan a menu at least). Before Christmas I made a lot of my Christmas presents, I really enjoyed that and i think the recipients liked them. I bought Ruth Rae's book layered, tattered & stitched (lovely book) early December and then we got the Art Quilting Studio magazine in with more of Ruth Rae's work, I fell in love with her little dresses so made two of my sisters one each and the other one a wall hanging similar to Olivia Thomas's in same Art Quilting.
This little dress I put the pocket up to high and couldn't fit the heart in with out it obscuring the winged heart above, so made a note and put that in the pocket.And this one which was the first I made, the stuffed heart fitted in perfectly. You learn by your mistakes don't you!!!!I loved the quote on this one and it was so meaningful for my dear sister, "everything will be okay in the end", "if its not okay, its not the end".And these are the completed journals for my three older granddaughters, I also made thinner ones for three of the others using cornflake cartons to make the covers, they just love doing this sort of art.See that white birdhouse on top (not the best view) that was my Christmas present from my two daughters and son. This is on display at our Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market held last October, planning another one in July.

Now this is my meager last minute attempt at decorating the house for Christmas, I am attempting to minimize, John finished painting all this area and i think the minimal looks good.I brought these lovely little Churches and snow covered houses home from the shop.close up of the decorations on the table, plus brown paper wrapped gifts with string, for GrandchildrenThis is my Christmas tree this year, I bought it last Christmas, it has these real dainty little lights on the white branches.This is a present for my daughter, I got the idea from someones blog, wrap in french looking tea towel (cost less than nice paper) I always buy my daughters a Christmas decoration and attach to their present. This lovely little french heart with zinc leaves and red berries I got from a lovely French shop at Kalamunda called Needle in Provence, if you live in Perth have a look.My lovely granddaughters dressed up for a surprise party for Mum on the 2nd January.Little boy in our shop while his lovely Mum had a haircut next door, he has grown hasn't he. Hope this makes up for my lack of blogging, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the best for 2010.



Anonymous said...

everything is just lovely, as usual it always looks geogous. Phillipa.

sharon said...

loved my present and love the fact that someone loves me enough to spend time and thought on me and you are right it will be fine in the end and johnsons will make it so