Friday, January 22, 2010

What to do in a heatwave

When its hot and I try to do art, my arms stick to the pages so that was out. Next option was sewing, as I could set myself right under the air condition vent that's the option I took. I made two more of Ruth Rae inspired dresses, as friends and daughters have all put in orders and I want one to hang at home as well, so that was a start. We had 3 days in a row over 40 degrees.This little dress I used a tan thread (a darker brown might have been better) but Sunny liked this colour. Can you see my machine writing sloping up, if I don't have a line to follow this is what I do. You will see in some of my journal pages I do it too, because I haven't made a line to follow.
Close up of the pocket, I have added a lovely french china button I was given goes nice with the vintage laces and the touches of pink, the pink tulle under the button is very old and fragile so had to be careful and hand sewed it on.I try to make my dresses my own style, these stitched wings are my attempt at being different and the stitching around the edges I have designed to be like a vine with occasional flowers and leaves.Black stitching on this one stands out a lot better and see I got the machine writing straight, my little secret on how I did that.The black button is vintage of a maple leaf with bits cut out, behind it is a piece of ribbon embroidery I did on silk ages ago, hadn't done anything with it so chopped it up. Do you see the black vine and leaves around the edge of the pocket The stuffed heart inside the pocket has pearls sewn on in groups of 3.I think the wings look pretty good, I am proud of them, what do you think. I include my initials and the year in a little box at middle of back showing in the neckline. Woo hooooo ten minutes to go and three whole days off, catch you next week.
Remember the words TRANSPARENCY and EMERGENCE for 2010


Anonymous said...

these are just geogous, nice work Jacky. xxx Phil.

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy belated New Year Jacky, these dresses are gorgeous, I'm not normally a vintage person but these are wonderful. Your journal pages in the previous post are fabulous too.

jo said...

oooooh, which ones mine???????????