Friday, October 29, 2010

Melbourne part two

It is taking me such a long time getting my blog up to date, so sorry, but you know, work gets in the way. Following is where I stayed when I went over to the Golden Workshops in Melbourne.

Magnolia Court is where I slept and had breakfast, it was a lovely hotel for the time I spent there, walking distance into Melbourne city, down the street is the MCG where the AFL first of the finals was held on the Saturday after I left.This was the view across the street from Magnolia Court Hotel, very pretty, terrace style housing, probably for the more affluent Melbournians.I had two full days to myself before the workshops started on the Monday, therefore I spent a lot of time walking and taking photo's, which I love to do when I am away.I loved the sound of horses clipclopping around the Melbourne Streets, such a comforting sound. I will share more photo's with you on my stay in Melbourne on my next entries.


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