Monday, November 8, 2010

Federation Square - Melbourne

Now I have heard people say that they think that Federation Square ugly, I have to disagree, I found it such an interesting square, more so than a lot of the other squares around, not your usual buildings, straight up and all glass I find so boring lacking any creativity. Federation square was buzzing with people, so much going on. Such interesting art and exhibitions, it was here that the Tim Burton exhibition was drawing big crowds waiting patiently in orderly manner.Places for one to sit and admire the angles of steel structure showing through the glass. interactive hobs with moving art. Across the road the iconic Flinders Street train station, you get off and you are in the shopping precinct. Just look at those beautiful row on bright blue bicycles, you put in your coins and a bike pops out for you to go explore this lovely city. How cool is that?

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