Wednesday, January 18, 2012


today I went into Royal Perth Hospital for a second scan on my right breast as an unknown spot had shown up on my first scan.  I was advised that I could expect to be at the hospital for up to eight hours.  Fortunately I was only there for four.  In that time I had a scan which was developed and scrutinised and after a talk with a lovely understanding doctor, she explained that they would now do an ultra sound to have a better look.  This was pretty amazing and I was able to observe and see that there was not one but two lumps and it was decided to do a procedure whereby they injected into my breast using the ultra sound machine to guide them to the lumps, which where virtually sucked up the needle and taken away for a biopsy.  Because of my experience with Raymon's cancer, I was concerned as was John and the kids, they pushed the results through for me and I was given the information that they weren't cancer but cysts, whew!!!! what a relief.  We need to give all our support and help to Raymon and the last thing I wanted was to not be able to do that.
But I was so grateful for this wonderful service provided by our government.  I have a free scan every two years as all women in Western Australia can, I would encourage all women to take up this offer as early detection can make a huge difference.  The Doctor advised me before the ultra sound that because it was only small,  if it was cancerous it would be a simple procedure of just removing the cells and not the whole breast.  I could feel no lump myself and if it hadn't been picked up in my scan and it was cancerous it could grow and become wider spread.  So girls, go get tested, only takes less than half and hour.
Raymon's chemo this time seemed to be not so hard on him, only one more to go before he has radiation to zap the last of it, fingers crossed and prayers to up above, he will then be cancer free.  My heart goes out to all those going through cancer treatment, it is not nice.

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