Friday, November 7, 2008


Above this beautiful rose was a rare one we saw, if you breath in you could imagine the perfume.
What a wonderful little town with such a great community spirit, and the shops, a great variety, a wonderful art supplies shop too. Nestled in a valley, with hills both sides, some great cafes and lovely gardens everywhere, they take a pride in their town. They had this wonderful old jail in the main street which we couldn't resist looking through. Only two cells as serious offenders where sent on to Albany or Bunbury.

I don't think there was too many problems with prisoners trying to escape, they would have to be stick thin to get through this narrow opening in the wall with a chain all rusted up.A bolt on the door this size would be pretty hard to pick I would think.

This oven was in the tiniest little room out the back where the Policeman's wife cooked the prisoners meals, no cool feat in West Australian heat of summer. We don't know the meaning of hard work do we. These ovens have become fashionable again they are calling them pizza ovens.

These lovely old worn row of seats have come out of the picture theatre that is no longer around, just outside the little kitchen on the ivy covered veranda. We also took the opportunity to look at some of the lovely gardens open to the public. The lovely mauve wisteria was amazing, I am so envious makes mine look pretty pathetic. Driving along we would see an amazingly blooming bush growing over an old shed, presumably a house once stood there as well, how do they survive through the summer without water.

The gardens at this lovely little cottage nestled into the side of the hill where full of lush greenery.

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