Friday, November 7, 2008


I am fighting the rise in food prices by growing my own vegetables, we got this corrugated container to start our first little plot. Last year I grew a few vegetables and herbs in polystyrene boxes with organic soil, this went quite well. Only problem was I planted the little cherry tomatoes in a pot and my dear hairy friend decided that she liked tomatoes and as they ripened she would pluck them off, I think I got about 2, but I am not giving up, will put some net around the one in above garden, bit of pepper might help to keep that big moist nose out, that sniffs to see when tomato has ripened. I have also lost faith in vegetables in supermarkets, tasteless and no idea how long they have been in storage. My organic vegetables have also got very expensive. Must be good soil the radish and carrot seeds where up within days, must of been old seed carrots as they still haven't appeared. I do like to go out and pick fresh vegetables and herbs for a meal. That is sawdust on the ground, the soil here is not good, constantly needing feeding and dry as a bone.
We also took up the paving and put a new garden separating the gazebo and large pergola, the idea is that the tree and shrubs will grow high and thick enough to form a screen to separate these two areas and provide a cooler backyard. You can see the agapantha's have taken well, these plants are so tough, I have planted a lovely jasmine to climb over the iron archway, that should look and smell good. I do love perfumed plants in my back yard.And this is my wisteria, well it is only its second year, once it grows along this pergola it will look amazing!


Ro Bruhn said...

What a beautiful garden Jacky, your vegie plot in the corrugated container is a great idea. Your garden looks like a lovely place to sit and contemplate.

Jackie said...

I feel the same about your blog Jacky.
Its cold here and alyhough I don't think I could stand the heat over there its nice to see a bit of warm sunshine. My garden has the opposite problem. Its shady cold and wet!