Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas decorating

We have just got in a wonderful line of Christmas decorations from the USA. Dollar was not good mmmh, but everyone is in the same boat. For a long time I have admired the American feather trees so we got a few of these. They are beautiful and made of real goose feathers, make a real statement especially if you don't have the room for a large tree, we got these in the 36" size also a small one 12" which looks lovely in a bowl surrounded bey baubles or a lovely vintage tea cup. We also got two of the silver tinsel trees in 24" and the cutest 8" miniature for those who love to decorate with white and silver. We also got a variety of the lovely cream bottlebrush trees that came in a set of 3, we are also selling them individually, they have strings of pearls wrapped around the tree.

We also got in a lovely range of snow village houses and churches, one has a green bottle brush covered in snow above a small house covered in snow, just look at the bottom to the left. and to the right is the tallest church at just over 12" high, this one is all pale cream with a wreath above the door and bottle brushes each side. The other church at 10" with a silver roof with drifts of snow, dark green bottle brush trees and a steeple. the two village houses are about 6" high white with silver roof, snow and dark green trees. There is also a winters eve village all covered in snow and a couple of miniature reindeer, too cute.The old German Santa with switches completes the picture, these photo's are taken of our shop window arrangements. I have looked longingly in American magazines especially Romantic Homes and Victoria that have featured these Christmas Trees and Churches and Houses for years but have never seen them here in Australia. I also love the romantic white decor and these go perfectly, ever the romantic mmmh. I will take some of these home today and photograph around my home to see how they look and will post them for you to see what they look like in the home.


shabby chateau said...

just fantastic girls, just love them all.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous display Jacky, I love the twinkling lights, it all looks so inviting. Merry Christmas to you and your family, I can't believe how quickly it's arrived.